June 27, 2008

A Performing Arts Showcase

June 27 - 28, 2008 @7PM | | Someday Lounge | 125 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR



  • Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner (Portland) – Ode to Boris
  • LizZieMoVeS Co. (Portland) – The Bag Lady | Hello Nurse
  • Kyoko Uchida (Portland) – Ariel Chain Dance


  • Rush n Disco (Portland) – Disco Feelings


  • Marya Sea Kaminski (Seattle) – How I Became Such a Quitter (A Tap Dance Part One)
  • Faith Helma (Portland) – Undine
  • Joe von Appen (Portland) – Shelf Life
  • Fever Theater (Portland) – New Believers
  • Helsinki Syndrome (Seattle) – The Importance of Being Earnest


  • Oracle (Portland) – Songs from Wake
  • Iretsu (Portland) – Neublued
  • Atole (Portland) – Maximal Techno
  • Polka Madre/Jack “Yankl” Falk (Portland / Mexico City / Helsinki) – Chilango/Judio
  • DJ Browkenwindow (Portland) – Cities and States


Wooly Mammoth Comes to Dinner | Ode to Boris
A tribute to a 17 year old cat, named Boris, who recently left this world for the heavenly fields of catnip and platters of tuna fish.  She was a fluffy black cat with a white moustache, and she leaves behind on earth her brother Natasha (with whom she shared a dance company called The Boris & Natasha Dancers), and human companions Linda Austin and Jeff Forbes (as well as multitudes of admirers).  Woolly Mammoth hopes to please her with this dedication.

LizZieMoVeS Co. | The Bag Lady / Hello Nurse
The Bag Lady: African dance and percussion is interrupted by an uncouth audience member. The Bag Lady upstages the dancer and both performers spill out into the audience. Hello Nurse: several 1-minute bits that appear in the balcony, in the audience, and on the stage.  Appearances by the Bag Lady.  Includes music by J Dilla, Professor Fairbanxx and Dr. Snoots.  Video by Jason Bahling.

Kyoko Uchida | Aerial Chain Dance
Kyoko is a mystery – she will rock your world.

Rush-n-Disco | Disco Feelings
The original YouTube cover band. Like a post-modern Elaine May and Mike Nichols, Greg Arden and Alicia McDaid commit fully to their invocations of failed pop stars, celebutante breakdowns, amateur pet videos and exercise gurus. Britney, Anna Nicole, Whitney AND talking cats. From the brink of cable access stardom to the edge of sanity, Rush-N-Disco is the carny on this hilarious yet poignant roller coaster ride of song, dance and stairway to stardom castaways.

Marya Sea Kaminski | How I Became Such a Quitter (A Tap Dance Part One)
Marya Sea Kaminski brings you entertainment at its brutal finest in How I Became Such a Quitter (A Tap Dance Part One)… a short burst of tap dance, dirty jokes and the cold hard truth. This is the first segment of the three-part Doom Series, in which Marya explores the big “next” through a cavalcade of dance, grit and charm.

Faith Helma/Hand2Mouth Theatre | Undine
A lonely water creature finds a microphone, and an enchanted girl lost between night and the dawn of day sings her heart out: welcome to the eerie world of Undine. A live performance/song cycle inspired by the ethereal anti-heroine of German folklore, this performance features original songs, live electronic looping, shimmering dresses and wicked beats.

Helsinki Syndrome | The Importance of Being Earnest
Two young gentlemen (Rachel Hynes and Mike Pham) living in 1890s England use the same pseudonym (“Ernest”) on the sly, which is fine until they both fall in love with women using that name and the characters become entangled in a series of uproarious mistaken identities.

Fever Theater | New Believers
New Believers is the final incarnation of a multi-phase performance project by Fever Theater, which has examined the stories and behaviors of select cult groups and their relationship to belief. New Believers asks the compelling questions; How do we come to the beliefs that we hold? Do we have control over believing? When is it harmful to believe? When is it necessary to believe?

Joe von Appen | Shelf Life
Shelf Life is a series of paranoid and heartwarming monologues from writer/performer Joe von Appen channeling the voices of uniquely American misfits trying to make light of their nightmares in a not-so-distant dystopia.

Polka Madre/Jack “Yankl” Falk | Chilango/Judio
Polka Madre literally means “mother polka.” It’s also a pun on puta madre, one of the most vulgar Mexican curses, and a derivative of poca madre, an untranslatable and distinctly chilango phrase that can express utmost disgust or enthusiasm. It’s an apt name for a band that filters the world’s music through the world’s largest metropolis, sighing out elegant folk songs through the gritted teeth and biting grime of Mexico D.F., electrifying old sounds to make them heard again above the noise of the 24 million other chilangos that inhabit the megalopolis.

Iretsu | Neublued
Numerous twists and turns, going past the soft/loud formula into territory like groovy-chaotic/lullaby-lament. This music, more than simply presenting dichotomies, is about traveling from one state of mind to another.

Oracle | Songs from Wake
Oracle = Electro-acoustic ambient trip-hop. Album “Wake” to be released in Sep. of ’08 www.oracleportland.com

Atole | Maximal Techno
Techno dance music using live instruments and vocals. Heavy on tribal and meditation vibes- melodies and sounds repeat and build up along side live drums.

DJ Brokenwindow | Cities and States
DJ Brokenwindow will be spinning tracks from his original conceptual piece combining music and live drawing about cities and states of the good ole UsofA