June 27, 2009

Dance, Theatre, Music Showcase

June 27th, 2009 @ 5:00 and 7:30PM | | Imago Theatre | 17 SE 8th Ave



  • Hot Little Hands (Portland) – Always Merry and Bright
  • Linda Austin (Portland) – Universe | Insert
  • Janet Pants (Portland)


  • Angela Fair (Portland) – Hot Live Action
  • Joe von Appen (Portland) – Shelf Life


  • Hooliganship (Portland)
  • Byron Au Yong (Seattle) – Stuck Elevator
  • Rush-N-Disco (Portland)


Linda Austin Dance | Universe, Insert
Choreography: Linda Austin, Performers: Linda Austin, Kaj-anne Pepper & Cydney Wilkes, joined for Insert by Anne Furfey, Bonnie Green, Rebecca Harrison & Lucy Yim. Music for Insert: Seth Nehil
Universe is an excerpt from work-in-progress Paired Spectacular premiering in 2010. Insert is a sneak preview of Bandage a Knife, premiering at PWNW in November 2009. www.performanceworksnw.org

Joe von Appen | Shelf Life
Joe von Appen is a Portland based writer/actor/solo performer who has toured his work along both coasts.  His serio-comic character-based monologues exploring pre-apocalyptic heartache and paranoia have been presented at PICA, Highways Performance in Santa Monica, The Philadelphia Fringe and at On The Board’s Northwest New Works festival.  He’s glad you are here and hopes to make you feel less alone by making light of his nightmares. Shelf Life is a series of monologues depicting well-meaning misfits alive and unwell in a not-too-distant dystopia. www.myspace.com/joevonappen

Byron Au Yong | Stuck Elevator
Kuang: Byron Au Yong, Percussion: Paul Kikuchi, Composer: Byron Au Yong, Librettist: Aaron Jafferis, Technical Director: Okazawa M, Instrument Builder/Audio Engineer: Paul Kikuchi, Costumes: Michelle Kumata, Vocal Coach: Emily Greenleaf, Mandarin Lyrics: Mike Au Yong. Stuck Elevator is prompted by the experience of Ming Kuang Chen, the delivery man who was trapped in an elevator for 81 hours. The character Kuang springs from our imagination like chicken wings from a take-out box. Mmm. Give us feedback – www.stuckelevator.wordpress.com

The only “tropycal-super-maryo-grunge- rock-duo” in the Northwest (that we know of), Hooliganship’s neon-flashing light wig-out brings dancing, costumes, cartoon videos and music together into a psychedelic soup. Portland’s Peter Burr and Christopher Doulgeris combine performance art, musical mayhem and showmanship into a very weird but very fun experience.
Kick off your shoes, relax and visit Hooliganship’s website and then put your shoes back on, go to their MySpace page and dance. www.hooliganship.com

The original YouTube cover band. Like a post-modern Elaine May and Mike Nichols, Greg Arden and Alicia McDaid commit fully to their invocations of failed pop stars, celebutante breakdowns, amateur pet videos and exercise gurus in Rush-N-Attack. From the brink of cable access stardom to the edge of sanity, Rush-N-Disco is the carny on this hilarious yet poignant roller coaster ride of song, dance and stairway to stardom castaways. www.myspace.com/rushndisco

Janet Pants
Jane Paik began producing works under the name Janet Pants in 1997 and Founded the Janet Pants Dans Theeatre (later Leg and Pants Dans Theeatre) in 2001. Often hailed as a pioneer in bringing experimental modern dance to the underground music scene – in a style that has been described as “punk rock in dance form” – she continues to mash together her take on dance/film/music in various performances, videos, and sounds. This Fall she will be collaborating with local band Explode Into Colors for the Works at TBA. www.janetpants.com

Angela Fair  | Hot Live Action
Angela Fair was a part of musical performance art barn burners House of Cunt in the late 90’s to mid 00s. For the last few years she has been producing solo work dealing with obsession, dissemblance, love, lust and other prevalent mental and emotional pathologies. As seen here in Hot Live Action, she explores flawed characters that satirize the human experience out of a macabre need to connect and entertain. www.myspace.com/areiten999

Hot Little Hands  | Always Merry and Bright
Hot Little Hands is a Portland based dance company, directed by choreographer and dancer Suniti Dernovsek and visual artist David Stein. They have produced three evening length shows ‘Lawn of the Limp’ (2008), Avian Fable (2007) and Marionette (2004). Always Merry and Bright is an excerpt from ill-starred. Conceived and directed by Suniti Dernovsek and David Stein, Choreography: Suniti Dernovsek, Set Design: David Stein, Composer: Jay Clarke, Costume Design: Sarah Gahagan & Maeve Callahan, Performers: Jessica Burton, Suniti Dernovsek, Jessica Hightower, Dorinda Holler, Anna Lag and Keely McIntyre. Ill-starred, is supported in part by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council as well as the Dance New Work Award from UWM.  The full length of ill-starred premieres in Portland at IFCC in November 2009.


Risk/Reward 2009 is supported in part by Willamette Week, Widmer Bros. Brewery, Mississippi Pizza, La Bonita, and Hand2Mouth