June 23, 2012
Fri-Sat - 7:30pm |


| Artists Repertory Theatre | 1516 SW Alder St.



  • Tracy Broyles (Portland)
  • Corrie Befort (Anacortes, WA)
  • Pappas and Dancers (Los Angeles)


  • DECEPTiCONS (Kaj-anne Pepper & Anthony Hudson, Portland)
  • Queen Shmooquan (Seattle)


  • Hand2Mouth (Portland)
  • Cat Main & Jamie Nesbitt (Vancouver, BC)


Risk/Reward Uncovered
June 24, 3pm | Conduit, 918 SW Yamhill Ave, Ste 401
$5 or free with Risk/Reward program

Get to know the artists of this year’s Risk/Reward Festival in a panel discussion co-presented with Boom Arts and hosted by Conduit Dance as part of their Dance Uncovered series. This year’s Risk/Reward artists represent a wide range of disciplines and sensibilities, from documentary theatre to psychedelic performance. Hear them discuss their projects, reflect on their artistic journeys, and find common ground. Moderated by Ruth Wikler-Luker, Curator and Producer of Boom Arts.



Risk/Reward is supported in part by a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; Sterling Bank; Willamette Week; Ninkasi Brewing; KZME; Conduit Dance; Boom Arts; Hot Lips Pizza; and Hand2Mouth.


The 2012 Risk/Reward Festival was curated in collaboration with a panel of regional artists and administrators including:

Alex Huebsch | Writer; Filmmaker; Associate Artist [Hand2Mouth Theatre]
Allie Hankins | Dancer; Choreographer
Angela Fair| Performance Artist
Barry Johnson | Executive Editor [Oregon Arts Watch]
Erin Boberg Doughton | Performing Arts Program Director [PICA]
Faith Helma| Company Member [Hand2Mouth Theatre]
Jerry Tischleder | Risk/Reward Festival Director; Company Member [Hand2Mouth Theatre]
Julie Hammond | Company Member [Hand2Mouth Theatre]
Philip Cuomo | Executive Director [Portland Actors Conservatory]
Sean Ryan | Theatre Director; Movement Artist; Regional Programs Director [On The Boards]
Walter Jaffe | Co-founder [White Bird Dance]



Queen Shmooquan (Seattle, WA) | Queen Shmooquan. I am.
Jeppa K Hall’s performance as Queen Shmooquan are a hybridization of an unknown number of genres resulting in solo psychedelic theater performances that merge pop-art clowning with multi-media performance art, music, and non-linear storytelling to create thought provoking, hilarious music and theater that push the boundaries of contemporary and traditional performance mediums.

Corrie Befort (Anacortes, WA) | Pinto
Corrie Befort performs this quietly time-telescoping solo to music by Jarrad Powell and Tom Baker. Pinto is a prelude, a temporary habitation, a dance about living from a point of removal. Presented nationally in the US and across Japan, Corrie Befort is known for award winning dance films and fully physical, visual-theater works created in rigorous collaboration with renowned composers. She currently co-directs Seattle-based performance company Salt Horse.

Tracy Broyles (Portland, OR) | Art and Life
Tracy Broyles is a dancer, choreographer and teacher currently based in Portland, OR. Her work as a performer and maker has been seen in local venues such as Disjecta, Conduit and The Headwaters Theater, as well as New York’s Judson Church and San Francisco’s DanceGround Keriac. Tracy is excited to be a part of the Risk/Rewardestival, dancing her adaptation of Art and Life which she learned at the Deborah Hay Solo Commissioning Project 2010.

—->WWWEEERRRQQQ<—- is the first exploration into the sonic and symbolic destabilization of language by The DECEPTiCONS. The DECEPTiCONS are a collaborative team of musicians, dancers, queens and artists coming together to create WRQ*WRQ* is being presented as an “in progress” exercise in the queering of language. The audience will be engaged to break words down into sonic objects while the performers lipsynch, sing, scream and dance their way through various performative manipulations and cathartic aural confrontations. Directed by Kaj-anne Pepper in collaboration with dancer Jen Hackworth, video and performance artist Anthony Hudson (as Carla Rossi) and musician Mickey Pollizatto with technical support from David Eckard and costume and make up design from Antoinette Sparkles. The DECEPTiCONS will WRQ* your voice dance art into sweat meat dirty honey sissssy freedom. YES!

Cat Main & Jamie Nesbitt (Vancouver, B.C.) | Other Side Through You
Other Side Through You is a charged, theatrical blending of fact and fiction that wrestles with the science and spirit behind communication. Cat Main’s sister has cerebral palsy and “talks” with an alphabet board. With the help of a facilitator who holds her arms Cat’s sister points to letters on the board to spell out what she wants to say. The problem…not everyone believes her sister is the one communicating

Hand2Mouth (Portland, OR) | Something’s Got Ahold Of My Heart
From whispered love letters to rock concert catharsis, Hand2Mouth’s new ensemble performance wrestles with our desire to craft the perfect declaration of love. Featuring original songs by the ensemble and drawing from interviews, found text, and seminal concert footage, Something’s Got Ahold Of My Heart creates an onstage space where the tumultuous and tender feelings of love hang thick in the air.

Pappas & Dancers (Los Angeles, CA) | a dance concerning itself with history and memory
A playful investigation of the invented versus the remembered, Pappas and Dancers take on an increasingly unstable subject. Inspired by ideas of fire and destruction, false provenances and the fallibility of both the body and mind, two dancers navigate an uncertain place in time to create a grand ritual of forgetting.