August 25, 2023

By My Own Hand, Pt. 2: TRANSPARENCY

August 25-27 | TIME TBD |


| New Expressive Works

Allie Hankins’ performance series, By My Own Hand, threads together
ideas of manipulation, suicide, sleight of hand, and self-reliance,
and queers notions of autobiography and self-reflection. In Part 1:
GHOSTING (2022), Allie populated the space with light, shadow, haunted
objects, dancing, and songs. Soundtracked by five tape recorders
playing echoes and reverberations of past performances, rehearsals,
and experiments, the show was an excavation and repurposing of the
performance’s shadow or ghost. In Part 2: TRANSPARENCY, this
excavation continues as a series of solos choreographed by Linda
Austin, claire barrera, keyon gaskin, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Lu Yim,
and performed by Allie. Each of the five solos is composed of elements
(choreography, props, songs) from Part 1, and each solo may replicate,
distort, or exaggerate any parts of Part 1 that the choreographers
wish. Through the slippery processes of deconstruction, distillation,
resurrection, and re-membering, Part 2: TRANSPARENCY reveals an
aftermath of contending methods of makers and shared histories of
friends and colleagues, and confronts notions of finality, authorship,
and perception of self.