CLOWN DOWN: Failed To Mount

November 14, 2019
Starring Anthony Hudson // Carla Rossi
Nov 14-16 at 8pm, Nov 17 at 5pm |

Tickers TBA

| PNCA | 511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR

CLOWN DOWN opens with Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi (Anthony Hudson) being crushed by a new cabinet after she fails to mount it to the wall. Taking the traditional one-person show and turning it on its head by trapping its star under a piece of furniture, CLOWN DOWN tackles anxiety, depression, artistic blocks, and your favorite everyday traumas in a warped tribute to Mister Rogers and absurdist theatre. Using song, dance, video, and a talking pickle, Carla asks what it means to make art when our physical and mental health is under constant attack, nonetheless in a world on the brink of environmental and nuclear apocalypse — and all from underneath a hastily-made Swedish cabinet.