March 21, 2020


March 21 at 7pm |

Live Stream Link | Donate (Suggested $10-$30)

| Live Stream

We are moving forward with our OTHERNESS: TOGETHERNESS show. However, in light of public health concerns, we are changing the format to a LIVE STREAM for one showing which will be accessible from anywhere in the world. We hope this may provide more access to more people.

Given the theme of our show and it’s timeliness, we are committed to providing a creative space for us to gather, even virtually, to combat the fear and otherness that comes from isolation. We are currently witnessing fear-based xenophobia/racism in our community. We are hearing stories of how Asians in everyday spaces are getting accosted or yelled at for being Asian, and how Asian businesses are suffering. Our show’s topic on otherness feels increasingly relevant and urgent. We are digging deeper to share and celebrate being Asian in America.

Otherness: Togetherness – A LIVE STREAMING EVENT
Saturday, March 21st 7:00 pm Pacific Time
Free admission, Donations of $10-30 appreciated
We hope you can join us!

Unit Souzou ensemble will come together for the first time with installation artist Horatio Law and violinist-looper, Joe Kye in Otherness: Togetherness, a celebratory showcase of these Asian American artists. The program will highlight each artist’s distinct voice and creative approach, and will also show commonalities amongst their experiences of identity, longing, otherness, displacement – melding together into a cohesive art experience. Additionally, as the current global pandemic ensues, the artists are committed to creating a brave and inclusive space for the program that will be engaging and relevant, building on artistic strengths and also pushing creative boundaries.

The themes in Otherness: Togetherness are timely. When forces seem to be pulling communities apart, dividing us through racism, xenophobia, classism and so many other -isms, these artists are creating work that bridges and engages audiences to grapple with all of our inner struggles to be both human and humane. Especially during this moment in time – the uncertainty of public health, politics, climate, and the economy – being in community can combat the loneliness and despair of isolation.

The program uplifts three ambitious artistic innovators whose approach navigate both historical and contemporary cultural lenses. Bringing their own styles – including Joe Kye’s indie-rock, jazz, classical, and pop sound using digital effects and looping and excerpts from other projects including Unit Souzou’s new taiko and movement performance work, Constant State of Otherness, and Horatio Laws DACA Lounge installation, inspired by the plight and courage of DACA students, inviting all of us to dream in solidarity.