Artist Profile: ilvs strauss

ilvs strauss (Vancouver, BC): Déjalo
solo mediated theatre

One of our festival favorites is back. ilvs’s sea cucumber goes down in history as a highlight for almost anyone who saw it. This summer, ilvs is bringing her most intimate piece yet, delving into her youth — she is speaking English. They are speaking Spanish.


Déjalo es una pieza para una actuación en solitario llena de sutileza, magia y el delicado equilibrio de la tragedia y el humor. Investiga de forma juguetona la complejidad de la comunicación, el peso de lo no dicho y la intimidad del diálogo. 


ilvs strauss is slowly making her way up the West Coast: born in Southern California in 1979, she soaked up as much vitamin D as humanly possible before moving to Portland, OR with her family in 1989. There she bought a raincoat, a bike, and a drum set. She took a slight detour and earned a degree in Chemistry from OSU, before returning to Portland to play more music, experiment with photography and drawing. Fast forward to 2005: Seattle. ilvs lands a Production Internship with a music festival and through that experience, enters the world of Technical Theater. She learns things about lights and sound and video. Meanwhile, she gets an itch to do some of her own art. She writes, does slide show presentations, plays some music, eventually tries and likes dance. All this gets thrown into the big soup pot that is her greater body of artistic work. Skip to the present: ilvs finds herself in Canada pursuing her MFA at Simon Fraser University. Here she stumbles upon those who laud the idea of Digital Scenography, her people. She continues to explore and create subtle spectacles of temporal collage that challenge traditional notions of theater and performance through the use of technology, corporeality, and ephemerality.




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